Tuen Ma Line / Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 /


Reducing journey time

Passengers travelling on the existing Ma On Shan Line will be able to travel direct to Kowloon East, reducing much of their travelling time. The journey time* between Tai Wai and Diamond Hill stations will be reduced significantly from 17 minutes to about 9 minutes.

* The journey time is an estimate of the time it should take to travel from the originating to the destination station (platform to platform) if the shortest route is taken and may take into account waiting time, in-train and interchange times as well as other information and assumptions.

Diversion effect

Passengers on the Tuen Ma Line could interchange to the Kwun Tong Line at Diamond Hill Station, instead of Kowloon Tong Station. This diversion effect could relieve the existing congestion on the Tai Wai to Kowloon Tong section of the East Rail Line.

Enhancing service

It extends the existing railway network, providing an alternative for travel between the New Territories and urban districts.

Features of New Stations under the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1

  • Hin Keng Station

    Environmentally-friendly Station

    Hin Keng Station

    The station design features wood and brown colours to blend with the surrounding environment.

    • Semi-enclosed design to allow fresh air and sunlight in.
    • Greening on the roof top.
    • First station to install shading made of environmentally-friendly materials to reduce indoor temperature.
    • Platform Screen Doors reduce the noise impact on residents in the vicinity.
  • Art in Station - “Sunshine on Our Quilt”

    This art piece was created by a local artist Mr Ng Ka-chun together with nearby residents and was formed by two parts:

    • The quilts were collected from the local residents. The photographed quilt patterns were then used to form the patchwork-like glass canopy for the station.
    • Combine the pattern created by the local residents during the community workshops and formed the blankets aired on sculptures in the station forecourt.

    Several community workshops were held for residents to produce the art piece for the station.

  • Diamond Hill Station

    New Railway Hub in Kowloon East

    Diamond Hill Station becomes an interchange station for the Kwun Tong Line and Tuen Ma Line with the commissioning of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1. Series of expansion and modification works have been carried out at Diamond Hill Station to prepare for the new function.

    • Diamond Hill Station Extension is located south of the Kwun Tong Line Diamond Hill Station, which is beneath the site of the former Tai Hom Village. The surface area of the extension reaches over 20,000 square metres, which is twice the area of the original station and provided more spacious and comfortable travelling environment for the passengers.

    • Three pedestrian subways have been constructed to facilitate passengers commuting between the Kwun Tong Line and the Tuen Ma Line.

      Easy Interchange
      Passengers can interchange conveniently between the Tuen Ma Line and Kwun Tong Line through the pedestrian subway in the middle of the station concourses.

    • Enhancing station facilities and connectivity with the community.

      • Expansion of Entrance A2 to Choi Hung Road.
      • 12 additional escalators and 3 new lifts.
      • New toilet facilities at the station.
      • Additional Ticket Issuing Machines, Automatic Teller Machines and station shops.
      • Babycare Room at the station.

  • Art in Station - “Stalactites / Stalagmites”

    Invites passengers to contemplate changes in Diamond Hill

    A series of paintings are displayed along the wall of the new walkway which connects the two concourses near Entrance A2 as well as the walkway connecting to Entrance A2. The series is a representation of Diamond Hill’s past, featuring the real fences that surrounded the former Tai Hom Village. The use of the light relief technique in the paintings vividly depicts a scene of old Diamond Hill where locals saw the shade from trees, light and shadows hovering above the fences.

  • Kai Tak Station

    The Heart of the Kai Tak Development Area

    With the commissioning of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, Kai Tak Station would serve residents and tourists with a fast and convenient railway service, and facilitate development nearby.

    • Sleek and dynamic style for Station Entrance.
    • Glass panels on walls and the roof let sunlight into the station.
    • A yellowish-orange tone gives passengers a sense of vibrancy.
  • Art in Station - “Horizon in Time”

    Inspired by the collective memory of Hong Kong people – Former Kai Tak Airport

    • The art installation at Entrance D is an interpretation of the old airport runway through the interplay of light and shadows.
    • The adit at Entrance B showcases panoramic images of the natural scenery taken from an altitude of 35,000 metres above various airports.
    • The photographs of former Kai Tak Airport opening were shown at two ends of the platform.