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Temporary Works Areas & Construction Facilities

Temporary Works Area

During construction of the SCL, certain sites along the railway alignment will be used as temporary works areas for storing machinery and materials.

Barging Point

To minimise the project's impact on road traffic, a barging point has set up at the runway of the former Kai Tak Airport, so that rock and soil excavated from the project can be directly transferred to the barging point for removal by sea to the government-designated disposal areas.


Immersed Tube Tunnel Casting Yard

The proposed SCL extends the East Rail Line to Admiralty via the fourth cross-harbour rail tunnel. Two sections of the tunnel near the waterfront of Hung Hom and Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter will be built using cut-and-cover method, while the rest of the tunnel will be built using immersed tubes.

The Corporation has conducted substantial research in order to locate the most suitable place for the immersed tube tunnel casting yard. Due to various constraints, Shek O Quarry has been identified as the only suitable venue for SCL immersed tube tunnel casting yard. The Corporation has consulted the Southern District Council on the proposed usage of the quarry.

Magazine Site

For the temporary storage of explosives, the setting up of a magazine site at Tseung Kwan O Area 137 has been proposed. The Corporation will adhere strictly to the relevant legislation in its handling of the explosives.