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Team members

The construction of the SCL is supervised directly by staff from the MTR Corporation. The SCL construction team includes professional engineers committed to the safe construction of a reliable railway that will, in future, provide improved services in the Hong Kong community.

(Last updated: July 2020)

Divisional General Manager-Projects Construction Mr James Chow

Civil Section

Lead Project Manager-SCL Civil-NSL Mr Neil Ng
Project Manager-SCL Civil-EWL Ms Lesly Leung
Project Manager-SCL Civil-HUH Mr Nelson Yeung
Project Manager-SCL Civil-Exhibition Station Mr Walter Lam
Design Manager - SCL Mr Vincent Chu
Mr Ralph Tam
Architectural Manager-SCL Mr Anthony Wong
Construction Manager-SCL Civil Mr Peter Pang
Mr Fumihiro Aikawa
Mr Oscar Wong
Mr Brian Suen
Mr Mike Bezzano
Mr Jacky Mak
Mr Jimmy Poon
Programming Manager-SCL Civil Mr Richard Lau
Senior Manager-Project Safety Mr Dennis Ip

E&M Section

Head of E&M Construction Mr CL Leung
Project Manager-SCL E&M Mr Tim Leung
Project Manager-Rolling Stock Mr CS Chan
Project Manager-Signalling Mr Terence Law
Programming Manager-SCL (E&M) Mr Donald Li
Mr Kam Cheang
Construction Manager-SCL Building Services Mr SK Chan
Construction Manager-SCL E&M Services Mr Louis Lau
Construction Manager-SCL Signalling Mr Arthur Chan
Mr Clifford Chow
Construction Manager-Rolling Stock Mr Joseph Wong