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Project Details - Background

The SCL is one of the strategic railway lines recommended in the Railway Development Strategy 2000. In March 2008, the Executive Council approved the further planning and design of the SCL using a concession approach under which the project will be funded by the Government and the Corporation is entrusted with its planning and design.

The Corporation and the Government have conducted a series of public consultations to gauge the views of different stakeholders regarding the project. While the majority of the people support the early construction of the SCL; some have raised concerns over the project's initial design.

The railway scheme was gazetted on 26 November 2010 under the Railways Ordinance and authorised by the Chief Executive in Council on 27 March 2012. The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council endorsed the funding of the SCL project on 11 May 2012.

The construction of SCL has commenced in 2012. Since the ‘Hung Hom to Admiralty Section’, which will have to interface with other infrastructure projects, including Wan Chai Development Phase II and Central-Wan Chai Bypass, the ‘Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section’ and ‘Hung Hom to Admiralty Section’ are expected to be completed in phases.