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The SCL will connect several existing railway lines to form two strategic railway corridors, namely the "East West Corridor" and the "North South Corridor".

The SCL will have 10 stations. Six will be interchange stations where passengers can conveniently change to other railway lines.

The SCL can be divided into six sections:

  • Tai Wai Station (interchange station)

    Tai Wai Station will be the interchange station for both the East West Corridor and the North South Corridor. Ma On Shan Line passengers will be able to switch to the East Rail Line here, while passengers from New Territories North will be able to change trains for destinations in East Kowloon.


    Photo of Existing Tai Wai Station

  • Hin Keng Station

    Since the commencement of further planning and design in 2008, the Government established that the addition of Hin Keng Station will relieve congestion at Tai Wai Station and recognized the need of railway service for the residents of Hin Keng area. Hin Keng Station is therefore added to the project.

    Hin Keng Station will be an elevated station situated to the southwest of the former Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department New Territories South Animal Management Centre, the former Shatin Plant Quarantine Station and Hin Tin Playground.

    All Ma On Shan Line station platforms will be modified during the construction of the SCL to accommodate the operation of eight-car trains.


    Photomontage of Hin Keng Station

  • Diamond Hill Station (interchange station)

    As the interchange station for the Kwun Tong Line and SCL, Diamond Hill Station will become the railway hub for East Kowloon. Passengers travelling from Ma On Shan to East Kowloon will be able to change trains for the Kwun Tong Line at Diamond Hill Station, while Kwun Tong Line passengers will be able to change over to the SCL for destinations in the New Territories in the north or Hong Kong Island in the south.

    The existing Diamond Hill Station will be expanded to accommodate the interchange arrangement for the convenience of passengers.


    Photomontage of Diamond Hill Station

  • Stabling Sidings

    In the railway scheme gazetted in November 2010, it was proposed that stabling sidings will be built at the site of the former Tai Hom Village in Diamond Hill to cope with the operational requirements. Only routine inspection and cleansing will be carried out at the stabling sidings.

    In response to the feedback and views collected from the public, the footprint of Diamond Hill Stabling Sidings has been reduced by 25%, from 4.8 hectares to 3.6 hectares, to free up more spaces for alternative development options such as greening and beautification of the external wall of the facility. Kai Tak River at the west of the former Tai Hom Village could also be conserved.

    The land above the stabling sidings has been zoned as a Comprehensive Development Area, which includes housing, commercial facilities, schools and government as well as community facilities. Planning for its development will be undertaken by the Government's Planning Department, separate from the implementation of the SCL.

    Later, the scheme was amended and gazetted in November 2011, it is proposed to utilize the former freight yard underneath the podium of Hung Hom Station to accommodate for the train stabling requirements for the SCL. The proposal of stabling sidings in Diamond Hill was cancelled. This would save land treasure at the site of the former Tai Hom Village and better utilize the existing freight facilities.

  • Tsz Wan Shan Pedestrian Facilities Improvement Works

    The construction of Tsz Wan Shan Pedestrian Facilities Improvement Works has started in the 3rd quarter of 2012, and is expected to be completed in phases during 2014 to 2016, for the benefits of residents in Tsz Wan Shan. For more updated details on Tsz Wan Shan pedestrian facilities improvement works, please Click Here

  • Kai Tak Station

    Kai Tak Station will serve the Kai Tak New Development Area, providing convenient access to the multi-purpose stadium and other facilities there.


    The Entrance for Kai Tak Station at Kai Tak Development Area

  • Sung Wong Toi Station

    Sung Wong Toi Station will be located near Olympic Avenue, providing railway service to the residents of To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City.


    Photomontage of Sung Wong Toi Station Entrance located at Pak Tai Street

    Entrance for Sung Wong Toi Station will connect to Nam Kok Road

  • To Kwa Wan Station

    To Kwa Wan Station will be located underneath Ma Tau Wai Road, between Lok Shan Road and Chi Kiang Street.


    Photomontage of To Kwa Wan Station Entrance located at Kiang Su Street

    Photomontage of To Kwa Wan Station Entrance located at Lok Shan Road

  • Ho Man Tin Station (interchange station)

    Ho Man Tin Station will be an interchange station for the future Kwun Tong Line Extension (KTE) and the SCL. Passengers travelling to Whampoa will be able to change for the KTE at Ho Man Tin Station. Passengers starting their journey at Whampoa will be able to switch over to the SCL at Ho Man Tin Station for destinations in the New Territories or continue on to Hung Hom Station to switch to East Rail Line for destinations on Hong Kong Island.

    Ho Man Tin Station will be located underneath the currently vacant site at Valley Road. It will provide Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom residents with a fast and convenient railway service.


    Photomontage of Ho Man Tin Station

  • Hung Hom Station (interchange station)

    Hung Hom Station will become an important railway hub of Hong Kong serving passengers travelling along the East West and North South Corridors to reach destinations in the New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

    Hung Hom Station will be modified to make it more convenient for passengers to interchange between railway lines. The modification works will be carried out in two phases, to tie in with the construction programme for the Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section and Hung Hom to Admiralty Section of the SCL respectively.


    Photomontage of modified Hung Hom Station concourse

  • Stabling Sidings

    As the existing Pat Heung Depot is far away from stations along the SCL Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section while Tai Wai Depot only has enough room to accommodate the Ma On Shan Line trains, neither of these two depots will be able to meet the train deployment requirement for the SCL during the morning peak hours. In consideration of the existing depot locations, operational needs and distance of SCL stations, stabling sidings in the urban area is required.

    With the view to saving land resources and better utilizing the existing freight facilities, it is proposed to utilizing the former freight yard area underneath the podium of Hung Hom Station to accommodate for the train stabling requirements for the SCL. The proposed sidings are for routine maintenance works such as regular cleaning and inspections but not for major repairing works. There will be 13 sidings including 2 for cleaning and inspection. The scale of the former freight yard remains unchanged and no additional structure will be constructed within the proposed stabling sidings.

  • The Corporation will build the fourth cross-harbour rail tunnel to carry the SCL from Hung Hom to Hong Kong Island. The temporary reclamation required during the construction of the cross-harbour tunnel will be carried out in accordance with the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance. The works will be carried out in close coordination with the Central-Wan Chai Bypass project. Public consultation has been conducted to gauge the public's view of works on the Cross Harbour Section of the SCL with the aim of minimising the project's impact on the harbour and the community.

  • Exhibition Centre Station (interchange station)

    Exhibition Centre Station will be an underground station located underneath the former Wan Chai Ferry Pier public transport interchange, the former Wan Chai Swimming Pool and the existing Harbour Road Sports Centre. It will be the interchange station between the SCL and the future North Island Line. The two station entrances will be directly connected to the footbridge system in the vicinity. Passengers can travel conveniently between the commercial district and the harbourfront in Wan Chai North.


    Photomontage of Exhibition Centre Station Entrance located at Fleming Road

  • Admiralty Station (interchange station)

    Admiralty Station will become the transport hub on Hong Kong Island that serves as an interchange for the Island Line, Tsuen Wan Line, future South Island Line (East) and the SCL.

    The existing Admiralty Station will be expanded eastwards below Harcourt Garden to accommodate the new and deeper train platforms. They will be connected with the existing platforms and concourse by escalators and subways so that passengers will be able to interchange without exiting the paid area of the station.

    An overrun tunnel will be constructed at the south of Admiralty Station for train regulation.

    admiralty_map admiralty_map

    New Entrance E of Admiralty Station