• First West Rail Line 8-car Train Put Into Service

    The first 8-car train of West Rail Line has been put in service since 2 January 2016. This is the first 8-car train to be converted under the SCL to serve the future “East West Corridor”, which is also a key milestone of the project.

  • Shatin to Central Link Hin Keng to Kai Tak Tunnel Broken Through

    SCL tunnel stretches from Hin Keng to Kai Tak has connected on 11 November 2015, representing a tunnel excavation works completion of over 60% for the whole Tai Wai to Hung Hum Section of the rail line.

  • Main Structure of Shatin to Central Link’s Kai Tak Station Completed

    A new milestone was achieved on16 July 2015 for the SCL project when a topping out ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the civil structure of Kai Tak Station.

  • 26/04/2016
    The 8th Community Liaison Group Meeting (Diamond Hill Section) will be held on 3 May 2016. Details
  • 25/04/2016
    To facilitate the construction of the Exhibition Station, a section of Convention Avenue westbound between Fleming Road and Tonnochy Road will be shifted southward. Details
  • 20/04/2016
    To facilitate the construction of temporary footbridge across Convention Avenue connecting Great Eagle Centre and Harbour Centre, a section of Convention Avenue will be temporarily closed at night. Details
  • 14/04/2016
    Presentation slides of the 8th Community Liaison Group (Hung Hom Section) are ready. Details
  • 13/04/2016
    Presentation slides of the 7th Community Liaison Group (Ma Chai Hang and Chuk Yuen Section) are ready. Details
  • 18/03/2016
    Presentation slides of the 9th Community Liaison Group (Tsz Wan Shan Section) are ready. Details
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