•   1. When will the cross harbour section of East Rail Line (Hung Hom to Admiralty Section) be opened?  

    With the concerted efforts made in the past months, various major works of the East Rail Line are making good progress. The East Rail Line is targeted to extend service to Hong Kong Island by June-July 2022. The Corporation will focus on completing the remaining works smoothly, whilst coordinating with relevant government departments to carry out the necessary testing and trial operations, with an aim to launching the cross-harbour service as soon as practicable.

  •   2. When will the Tuen Ma Line be fully opened?  

    The full Tuen Ma Line has commenced service starting from 27 June 2021.


    The East Rail Line is already heavily congested. Will the reduction in train configuration from 12 cars to 9 cars aggravate the congestion?


    The existing East Rail Line will extend across the harbour from Hung Hom to the Hong Kong Island. To cope with space constraints on the tracks on Hong Kong Island, new 9-car trains will replace the existing 12-car trains on the East Rail Line.

    The commissioning of Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 in February 2020 provides an alternative route of traveling between New Territories and Kowloon. With more than 10% of passengers switch to Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, it has a diversion effect on East Rail Line and help to relieve the congestion of critical link between Tai Wai Station and Kowloon Tong Station.

    Upon the full line opening of Tuen Ma Line in 2021, the diversion effect is anticipated to be more significant to relieve the congestion of the East Rail Line. With the new signalling system, there will be more flexibility to enhance train services in accordance to patronage and passengers needs when the East Rail Line extends across the harbor in 2022.

    The Corporation will continue to monitor the train services of the East Rail Line, and review the arrangement regularly to fit the needs of passengers.

  •   4. What is the fare arrangement of Tuen Ma Line? When will the fare arrangement of cross harbour section of East Rail Line be announced?  

    The fare structure of the Tuen Ma Line is the same as fare structures of existing railway lines. The new fare is effective from 27 June. Passengers may visit the MTR website (www.mtr.com.hk) for the information.

  •   5. Why some temporary works sites cannot be reinstated for public use after the completion of railway works?  

    The Corporation understands the concern of the community about the reinstatement works. The Project team has all along endeavoured to complete the reinstatement of works sites and facilities as earliest as possible. Currently, the lands and facilities temporarily occupied for the Shatin to Central Link works are being reinstated progressively, and will be handed over to relevant government departments for public use.