Tree Protection

  • Tree Conversation at former Tai Hom Village

    To facilitate the construction works of SCL Diamond Hill Station, two Chinese banyan trees aged near 40 years old, located at the former Tai Hom Village require transplanting. Two giant trees together with soil and strengthening structure in a total of over 340 tonnes, equivalent to the total weight of 22 double-decked buses. The extensive preparation and transplantation took over half and a year to complete. Numerous challenges during transplantation process including complicated root system, tree structure attached with station structure, lifting procedure, and adverse weather have been overcome and finally two trees have been successfully transplanted to an appropriate location away from the construction site.

    The long term health of the tree is prime consideration. Engineers and arborists formulate a comprehensive plan before transplantation. Roots of two giant trees are about 10 metres in diameter. The team used hand tools to dig the compacted soil and search for root distribution. A cabling system was used to hold the branches so as to reduce the extent of swing, hereby preventing damage caused by collision among branches. To maintain the integrity and symmetrical tree form, two big crawler cranes were used in the lifting operation. Two gigantic trees are in good condition with new leaves grown.

    Numerous measures are in place to protect the trees, such as:

    • Designated tree protection zone away from the construction site;
    • A dripping system to irrigate the trees;
    • Monitor the tree condition on regular basis;
    • Use of tensiometer to monitor the water moisture in the soil;
    • Temporary frame is erected to support two trees.
    • Giant Banyan tree has been successfully transplanted and it is the first time in Hong Kong to conduct tree transplantation by using two lifting cranes.

    • Two gigantic trees have moved to new homes and are growing healthily with new leaves grown.

  • Tree Protection

    The Corporation has prepared plans to preserve trees which will be affected by the project.

    As with other railway projects, an environmental impact assessment to be conducted for SCL will examine the project's impact on trees along the alignment. Trees will be felled only if it is not possible to retain or transplant them. Where trees are removed, the Corporation will plant new ones to compensate the loss after the completion of construction.

    The proper handling method and proposal for compensatory planting will be submitted to the Environmental Protection Department for approval following a public consultation. The Corporation will appoint an independent arboricultural consultant to work out the detailed tree preservation plan and submitted to the relevant government departments for approval in accordance with statutory requirements and the Government's tree preservation guideline. The plan covers:

    • Detailed inspection records for individual trees such as location, tree species and height
    • Proposal to retain, transplant or fell individual trees
    • Compensatory planting
    • Detailed greening plan
    • Recording the details of each affected tree

    • Tree nursery