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Works in Victoria Harbour

As part of the Cross Harbour Section of the SCL located near the waterfront of Hung Hom and Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter (CBTS) will involve open excavation, it will be necessary to carry out temporary reclamations. The CBTS section will involve 2.2 hectares of temporary reclamation, while the area of temporary reclamation in the foreshore of Hung Hom will be 1 hectare. These temporary reclamations will be removed upon completion of the works. Some fender piles which protect the piers of the Hung Hom Bypass will have to be permanently relocated to make way for the SCL tunnels.

According to the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance (PHO), all reclamations (including temporary reclamations) must have an overriding public need.

To demonstrate there is an overriding public need for the reclamation works under the SCL project, the Corporation organised a series of public consultations with members of the public, District Councils, professional bodies and harbour protection organisations from June to December 2009. In July 2010, a report on “Cogent and Convincing Materials to Demonstrate Compliance with the Overriding Public Need Test” was prepared to show that the proposed reclamation satisfies the requirements of PHO.

Please click Cogent & Convincing Materials Report for further information for the report.

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Hung Hom Bypass Fender Piles