Construction /

Team members

The construction of the SCL is supervised directly by staff from the MTR Corporation. The SCL construction team includes professional engineers committed to the safe construction of a reliable railway that will, in future, provide improved services in the Hong Kong community.


General Manager -
SCL and Head of E&M Construction
Mr TM Lee
General Manager – SCL Civil - EWL Mr Jason Wong
General Manager – SCL Civil - NSL Mr Aidan Rooney
Chief Design Manager -
SCL and Head of Project Engineering
Mr Clement Ngai

Civil Section

Project Manager - SCL Civil - EWL Mr David Salisbury
Project Manager – SCL Civil - NSL Mr Neil Ng
Design Managers - SCL Mr Andy Leung
Mr Vincent Chu
Mr Ken Lee
Architectural Manager - SCL Mr Anthony Wong
Construction Managers - Civil Mr Michael Fu
Mr Peter Pang
Ms Sammi Wong
Mr Patrick Cheng
Mr TC Lam
Mr Walter Lam
Mr Fumihiro Aikawa
Mr PW Lau
Mr Kit Chan
Mr Brian Suen
Mr PH Tang
Mr Terry Martin
Construction Manager - SCL Tunnel Mr Tom Barrett
Engineering Manager - SCL Geotechnical Mr TM Hui
Manager- Project Safety Mr Dennis Ip
Construction Manager - PWay & OHL Mr Edmond Chiu

E&M Section

Project Manager – SCL E&M Mr Tim Leung
Project Manager - Rolling Stock Mr CS Chan
Project Manager - Signalling Mr Terence Law
Construction Manager - SCL Building Services Mr Chris Cheng
Acting Construction Manager - SCL Building Services Mr SK Chan
Construction Manager - SCL E&M Services Mr Louis Lau
Construction Advisor Mr CH Lam
Construction Manager - Rolling Stock Mr CC Hon
Construction Manager - Signalling Mr KW Chu
Construction Manager - Signalling Mr Clifford Chow