Construction /

Reprovisioning and Essential Public Infrastructure Works

Reprovisioning Works

During the construction of the SCL, some existing community facilities are demolished and temporarily reprovisioned. To minimise the impact of these works on local communities, the Corporation will put in place the replacement facilities prior to the demolition of the existing facilities.

Major Community facilities to be reprovisioned:

  • New Territories South Animal Management Centre and Shatin Plant Quarantine Station
  • On Muk Street Garden
  • Mei Tin Road Sitting Out Area
  • Leisure facilities at Ma Chai Hang Recreation Ground
  • International Mail Centre
  • Harbour Road Sports Centre and Wan Chai Swimming Pool


  • Essential Public Infrastructure Works

    The Government has commissioned the Corporation to carry out improvement works on pedestrian links in Tsz Wan Shan to provide residents with convenient access to rail services. The improved pedestrian links could also facilitate barrier free access in the district.

Major pedestrian facilities improvement works include:

  • Pedestrian link from Tsz Oi Court to Tsz Lok Estate
  • Escalator and stairs along Yuk Wah Street
  • Lift adjacent to the existing footbridge connecting Wan Wah Street in Tsz Lok Estate ( Phase II )
  • Lift between Ching Ming House and Ching Hong House in Tsz Ching Estate
  • Lift adjacent to the existing multi-storey car park at Tsz Man Estate to connect the footbridge across Tsz Wan Shan Road
  • Lift adjacent to the existing stair in Tsz Hong Estate to Yuk Wah Street
  • Footbridge across Yuk Wah Street to connect the existing footbridge across Po Kong Village Road
  • Covered walkway and lift along Po Kong Village Road
  • Lift to connect the existing footbridge system at the junction of Po Kong Village Road and Fung Tak Road
  • Covered walkway along Fung Tak Road
  • Lift and stairs to connect the existing footbridge system at the junction of Fung Tak Road and Lung Poon Street
  • The improvement works on pedestrian link facilities in Tsz Wan Shan started in the 3rd Quarter of 2012. For the progress of works, please Click Here.

    For the “Improvement works on pedestrian link facilities in Tsz Wan Shan Leaflet”, please Click Here.

    To provide easy access for residents of Ho Man Tin Estate and Oi Man Estate to the Ho Man Tin Station, it is suggested to build pedestrian links including footbridge, covered walkway, elevator and escalator, providing a direct and convenient connection with the railway network.

  • Other Arrangements

    Land Requirements

    As SCL traverses so many districts, including some of the most densely developed urban areas in Hong Kong, it is inevitable that the railway line will pass under some private lots, thus requiring the resumption of their underground strata.

    The Corporation is very experienced in building railway tunnels in the urban areas. When designing railway facilities, its approach is to study the drawings and records of the foundations of buildings provided by the Buildings Department, conduct ground investigation and assessment, consider the railway line's impact on adjacent buildings and incorporate suitable protective works into the design. The design will be submitted to Highways Department and other relevant government departments for approval to ensure it complies with the standards of safety stipulated under the Buildings Ordinance and related regulations. By and large there is sufficient distance between the foundations of buildings located along the SCL railway tunnels. The structural integrity of these buildings will not be affected by the construction and operation of SCL.

    Should it be necessary to resume the underground strata in some areas, the buildings' management office, their Incorporated owners and individual landlords will be informed by the relevant government departments and the Corporation before the stratum resumption exercise begins. The Corporation will also undertake a thorough condition survey of the buildings in the areas affected and record their existing condition before construction begins, as a safeguard for landlords and residents. During construction, existing buildings and structures will be closely monitored. The Corporation and contractors will also undertake to repair any damage to buildings caused by the railway works as soon as possible. Anyone who believes that their properties or rights have been affected by the railway works can demand compensation in accordance with the Railways Ordinance. Such claims can be made in writing to the Secretary for Transport and Housing one year from the date of the completion of the railway works.